​As a former teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing, sign language interpreter, writing tutor, essay writer, and children's book author, my interests run in as many directions as my frizzy hair on a humid day. That is precisely why we combined all of our projects under the one umbrella labeled Language Rocks because, when it comes down to it, that's the ribbon that ties my passions all together. 

I have always believed that learning lasts when its fun for students, and endeavor to make our software engaging not only  for deaf and hard of hearing, ESL, and learners with special needs, but for mainstream students as well.
​In recent years, our company was was thrilled to have created a software program of Texas state symbols for a kiosk in the children's educational section at that state's Capital Museum om Austin, Texas. We hope to be able to customize more games for a number of museums and websites in the coming months!

Above all other goals, the goal of ethical business behavior is our priority and that of our company's culture.

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Michael Olmon
Software Development/
Technical Support

conscientious technical support to our valued customers.  With keen attention to detail,Mike is able to troubleshoot software quirks in a flash and is dedicated to providing customer satisfaction with every Windmill Works program. (Check out thetestimonials regarding technical support. 

When Mike not consulting in the industry, programming Language Rocks' software, enhancing our website, or sailing in a around the bay at Newport Beach, you can hear Mike slamming pool balls into corner pockets at his favorite billiard haunts in Orange County. If you hear Mike speak, however, you'll know right away that his roots originated farther north in Minnesota, "doncha know."

Please feel free to contact Mike at mikeolmon@languagerocks.com for any suggestions of new software you might like to see; to request customization of a software game for your school or website; or just to leave a comment.  

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"Technical" and "Support" could not
​ describe Mike better.  With more than 20 years of software design experience, Mike brings quality

 programming to each Windmill Works' software program and

Billie Kelpin 
President, Language Rocks
a division of Windmill Works