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​Elements of Poetry

Elements of a Story

​Figurative Speech


Geronimo 1 Verbs

Geronimo 2 Prepositions

Geronimo 3 Parts of Speech

​Subject-Verb Agreement 1

Subject-Verb Agreement 2

"I'm not afraid of storms

for I'm learning

to sail my ship." 

Author of

"Little Women," "Little Men"  Louisa Mae Alcott

Ages 12 to 112 what do you think?

Preamble to the Constitution


Fill in the  Nouns 

​Fill in the Verbs

Adjectives: Advanced

​auditory, olfactory,

kinesthetic,  psychic

Geronimo - Part 1

​Verb Practice
​Modals-Might, Could

Geronimo - Part 2

Geronimo - Part 3
Misc. Parts of Speech

Subject/Verb Agreement