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The content of the free games and activities here are designed by Billie Kelpin, former teacher of the deaf, writer, and college English language/writing tutor. The software was designed by Mike Olmon, software developer extraordinaire! 

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An audiobook collection of essays and short stories by Billie Kelpin and invited authors to entertain and inspire. Titles include humorous essays: “Air Conditioning and the Path to Hell,” “The Fight for Molly Dooker Day,” as well as more serious works as “A Gift from my Daughter,” “Sequin People,” and “The Little House of the Innerdoor Bed”. 

 ALL AGES love to visit "Memory Isle” to give their brain the glow of an improved memory.  Different than other memory games, "Memory Isle" features cheery holiday themes, and LEVELS that help develop reading skills and word recognition for younger children. Memory Isle is a CLASSIC and provides a challenge no matter what our age. "I LOVE this game," an 80 year-old player recently told us. "I play it all the time." Turn over a card, remember where it was, find its match. Check your best score. A score of twelve clicks is phenomenal. “What? You matched all cards on only 8 tries? Now that’s just pure luck!”


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Geronimo 1 Verbs

Geronimo 2 Prepositions

Geronimo 3 Parts of Speech

​Subject-Verb Agreement 1

Subject-Verb Agreement 2

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