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Happy Summer, parents and teachers. This is Billie Kelpin owner of this website and content creator. I've just finished my first novel "Falling Idols," a '60s coming of age story about a young student teacher in deaf education facing the quiet revolution going on in the field "back in the day."You'll find the link is on the Home Page. Thank you so much for your on-going support.

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History Games:
Black History  
Dream Speech  Fill in blanks exercise for popular portion of MLKs
                          dream speech
Gettysburg-1     Fill in blanks exercise for popular portion of Lincolns
                         Gettysburg address 1
Gettysburg-2     Fill in blanks exercise for popular portion of Lincolns
                         Gettysburg address 2
Gettysburg-3     Fill in blanks exercise for popular portion of Lincolns
                         Gettysburg address 3
Preamble-Nouns Fill in blanks exercise for the Preamble to the 
                            Constitution - nouns

Preamble-Verbs  Fill in blanks exercise for the Preamble to the 
​                            Constitution - verb

Presidential Solitaire Solitaire game using 13 presidents by name 
                            & order rather than number

President's Oath of Office Fill in blanks exercise for the President's                                              Oath of office

President's Memory Match Presidents Nixon to Obama with their
                             pictures and names

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