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Our Dynamic-Duo Husband and Wife Team

(Billie Kelpin and Michael Olmon) 

It was around 1994 when this all started. I came home one night from teaching a class of Deaf adults. This particular group of dynamic individuals had a voracious appetite for learning; I couldn't keep up with all their diverse interests. "I wish there were some meaningful, but fun, computer programs so I could work more individually," I told Mike.  "I can do that," he said, neither of us envisioning where it would lead. And so we started Windmill Works and created software focusing on language structures: subject-verb agreement, passive voice, progressive tense, and vocabulary building.

We have since put many of the games we used to sell online to play for free and added several other topics based on needs I saw in a multitude of elementary, middle school, high school, and college classes. 

After retiring as a teacher of the deaf and sign language interpreter, it was natural that my interests turned to writing. I don't know if it's because I'm left-handed or just a bit distractible, but my interests have always run in as many directions as my frizzy hair on a humid day. After publishing "Lucky the Left Pawed Puppy" and essays and short stories that appear on HubPages.com, I joined OC Writers in California and the Lake Forest Writers' Roundtable, part of the parent group.  Inspired by the prolific writers I have met there, I decided to tackle a novel! Being more of a short story, essay writer, it was a definite challenge, but I'm proud to have finished "Falling Idols," in October 2021.  Of course, the novel draws on my familiarity as a teacher of the deaf and interpreter even though the plot and characters are fictitious. 

We appreciate your visit to our website. You'll see a variety of topics in our games which reflect the variety of positions I've held through teaching, interpreting, and tutoring in classrooms from pre-school through college, with ages 4 to 65, and abilities from gifted to special needs.  We invite you email us with new topics you'd like to see in our online learning games at: mylanguagerocks@gmail.com

and to follow us on Twitter:(@languagerocks, @leftpawedpuppy)

on Facebook @bkintheOC, @leftpawedpuppy and @theperfecthubbyapp 

​With Appreciation to YOU! 


Software Development/
Technical Support

"Technical" and "Support" could not ​ describe Mike better.  With more than 40 years of software design experience, Mike brings quality programming to each Windmill Works' software program and conscientious technical support to our valued customers.  With keen attention to detail, Mike is able to troubleshoot software quirks in a flash and is dedicated to providing customer satisfaction with the games we have online.

When Mike is not consulting in the industry, programming Language Rocks' software, enhancing our website or sailing in and around the bay at Newport Beach, you can hear Mike slamming pool balls into corner pockets at his favorite billiard haunts in Orange County. If you hear Mike speak, however, you'll know right away that his roots originated farther north in Minnesota, "doncha know."

Please feel free to contact Mike at mikeolmon@gmail.com for any suggestions for new software you might like to see; to request customization of a software game for your school or website; or just to leave a comment.  

Your presence on our website is extremely gratifying and motivates us to continue.

Thank you! ​

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Content Editor
Newest Novel, "Falling Idols"