​​How?  Purchase the Print Version 

of "Lucky, the Left-Pawed Puppy" ON SALE byclicking here.  (Those who have previously purchased the book or have received a gift of the book are also eligible.)

After book arrives in the mail, take a photo of your child reading "Lucky, the Left Pawed Puppy" as this little 6-year old sweetie is doing.  (No identifying information will be posted with any picture of a child used on our website)

​Win this Adorable "Lucky, the Left-Pawed Puppy"
Look-Alike Stuffed Toy from Douglas Toys

What Next? 
Email the picture to us at contest@languagerocks.com 

A photo of ANY child or children between the ages of 2 and 10 is eligible for the random drawing that will take place on February 12, 2015.  Only ONE photo will be chosen with implied permission to post on our website .  We will notify you by email if you are the winner. 

Sample "Lucky, the Left-Pawed Puppy", and play Lucky's games on Lucky's Page.

You can find links there for "Lucky..." on Kindle, Nook, Ipad, etc. on Lucky's Page as well!  See you there. 

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