Literary Terms - Figurative Language/Terms and Meaning

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figurative language:
Figurative language includes of speech such as simile, , irony, hyperbole, etc.
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a figure of speech (figurative language) that makes a between two unlike things. examples: The night was a black river rushing toward us "Sleep...the death of each day's life" Shakespeare

a figure of speech (figurative language) that makes a comparison between two unlike things using the words or as
The night was like a black river rushing toward us.
Sleep is like the death of each day's life.

personification: attributes or given to non-living things
"Sleep that knits up that raveled sleeve of care." Shakespeare

words that stir emotions or memories through appealing to or triggering the (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell) language that has more meaning than the words themselves. These words can be symbols for or can suggest a thoughts or feelings. These words carry meaning beyond the exact or meaning of the word.

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