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An audiobook collection of essays and short stories some of the humorous, some of them not, none written in Milwaukee and only a few on a Tuesday night giving a peak at the "Mad Men" era of the 50s without the mad men.  These observations of life in the past and of life today have been called, "witty," "delightful," "hilarious," and "inspiring".  A comment section within the app allows the listening to express his or her OWN views of this audiobook.  A UNIQUE feature of this app is the wealth of Language-related materials for the classroom teacher, speech/language clinician, home-schooler, and special ed teacher through a direct link to the author's website: www.languagerocks.com.  Language Rocks is a VIBRANT interactive language learning website featuring free online fill-in-the-blank exercises for Martin Luther King's, 'I Have a Dream' Speech, "The Preamble to the United States Constitution," links to written essays, sign language resources - all of which can be accessed easily through your smartphone.
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