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To Build Vocabulary Language: 

Veggie Friends

Johnny Rock's Christmas, Multiplication Shape Up,
Language Shape Up 

​To Enhance Cultural Literacy:

Black American History, 

US Presidents Trivia

Presidential Solitaire Card Game

To Create Your OWN Computer Learning Games:

Computer Game Maker 

Computer Game Maker LITE

Excellent supplementary learning for 

  • deaf, hard-of-hearing students
  • home-schooled children,
  • special needs, ESL students, 
  • all kids who just "plain" like computer learning!

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Zipadee-Zip aids baby's sleep 

The Zipadee-Zip was designed to aid the swaddle transition.

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Parents of Teenagers:

How to Talk to Your

Teenagers about
​Underage Drinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaking