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​Elements of Poetry

Elements of a Story

​Figurative Speech


Geronimo 1 Verbs

Geronimo 2 Prepositions

Geronimo 3 Parts of Speech

​Subject-Verb Agreement 1

Subject-Verb Agreement 2

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"Stories to Go"

listen while on your run or walk or ride:
 fun stories narrated by ​author Billie Kelpin

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 Halloween Haunt - Brain Building for All Ages
try ALL LEVELS:  Picture to Picture, Picture to Words !

Christmas ​is Coming - Get Some Sweet Stocking Stuffers

 Lucky saves the day in the delightful children'sbook, 

"Lucky, the Left Pawed Puppy"

available in print
and on tablets

For All children especially those who at times have felt "left out" 

Ages 4-8

  Score:   Best  __    New
8-13 = Super!    14-19 = AweSome!
20-25 = Great     26 up = Keep Trying

Little 'Zines on Etsy
by Billie Kelpin 

Stories about life
in 4.5 x 5.5" little books
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"Sequin People" 
A Gift from My Daughter
"The Perfect Husband - 
a field guide" 

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