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Presidential Solitaire Game

My grandchildren, ages 13 and 16,  were visiting me for a week last summer.  I introduced them to your Presidents Solitaire game and they loved it.  They had learned all the presidents in the proper order from a placemat when they were very young.  This gave them an opportunity to review them and they spent a lot of time playing the game.  It not only was educational but a lot of fun.  Good work Windmill Works!     Carol from Kansas

Computer Game Maker LITE

Computer Game Maker Lite  (Do-It-Yourself Memory Game)

I just wanted to tell you that I added our own pictures and text to Computer Game Maker-Lite and the game is AMAZING!  It is so simple to create and yet it does everything we want it to do.

We use Computer Game Maker for our Back of House employees.  Many of them speak little English, so it is a great took to help them become familiar with the kitchen and procedures. We have a programmer who does our website and intranet.  They have the capacity and ability to make all kinds of games like these, but they charge us $175 an hour! …We chose Windmill Works because:

1.  You had exactly what we were looking for at the time
2.  The price was much lower than anyone else we could find.
3.  The program was super easy for us to use.

Alex -  (a leading Boston seafood company)

Computer Game Maker 3.0 (Do-It Yourself: Four Matching Games) 

..."Often I see software in the catalogs which sounds great but has a cost close to $100. That is simply not an option. I have to purchase the majority of my materials myself. That is another reason I love your product. I didn't have to get a bank loan to purchase it! So far all I have loaded are "wh" questions and some contractions. I sit right with them and have them respond in sentence form orally with correct syntax. I don't have to worry about keeping tally of correct or incorrect responses. Your wonderful game design figures percentages for me (great for quarterly objectives and progress notes to the parents)! I also have to consider the state frameworks.  We all have to concentrate on helping our students acquire the skills to perform better on the SAT-9 and our state Benchmark test. I. Basic concepts such big/little, clean/dirty, etc. I think it will be great for synonyms and antonyms.  

Your game is tailor-made for us. I am not at all surprised that you used to work with a special population. You know what we need! 

Judith, Little Rock


US Presidents Trivia Software:

"I just installed this on my computer and spent the last hour using it - learning and enjoying at the same time.
I found this a most educational and well written program.  Also, one that is well worth the cost...I would appreciate learning about other programs you may have authored.
Brian K., MN


Johnny Rock's Christmas and Black Cats and Witches' Hats

"We really like our new games. They are even better than the ones we have at school." 

Tommy, Katie, and Monica


Veggie Friends and Johnny Rock's Christmas

"I have taught in schools and units for the deaf in Ireland, England and Bolivia. I especilly enjoy working with young profoundly deaf children.  

...."Some of the activities are similar to what I produce on paper for the children in my class. The word,phrase and sentence/picture matching activities would help with both word recognition and  comprehension for reading. 

I especially liked the Reading and Vocabulary and Johnny Rock's Christmas packages. As well as the contents,  the score keeping for each child is a useful feature."

Denise F.

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