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​Elements of Poetry

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Geronimo 1 Verbs

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Geronimo 3 Parts of Speech

​Subject-Verb Agreement 1

Subject-Verb Agreement 2

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Tech Support

"I have had the pleasure of "bothering" one of your technicians, Mike Olmon. His service and advice have been wonderful. Please let the "powers that be" know how helpful he has been. I am not talking one or two responses but been Johnny on the spot with the correct help(checking with a vendor that I was trying to download and use with Computer Game Maker to sending me advice at my work place and home)."

Windmill Works' President's Note:
While we know longer sell highlighter tape, the responses below reflect our commitment to customer satisfaction.  The following link will bring you to some highlighter tape resources.
Highlighting Knitters 
"At the suggestion of fellow knitters, I started using narrow highlighter tape when using complicated lace charts. The tape not only keeps track of what row I am on, but also allows me to still see what the rows above and below look like. That can be crucial! Highlighter tape should work equally well for those crafters who use charts for cross stitch or other complicated patterns." 
"You were mentioned on one of the Yahoo knitting groups by a satisfied customer"- Catherine B. http://skeinbrain.blogspot.com/
Highlighting Choral Singers
" I am a choral singer and have found that your highlighter tape is PERFECT for the needs of singers - I can mark my parts and then, if I need to make notations afterwards, I just lift the tape and make them! WONDERFUL!!  Thank you!"
Rachel P., New Jersey

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