Literary Terms - Elements of Poetry

Literary Terms - Elements of Poetry

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1. alliteration:
    the repetition of similar sounds, especially at the of words or stressed syllables - Example, "Of all the days of that deep, dark time in her life, Sundays were the worst."
2. assonance:
    the repetition of similar sounds in words or to produce a pleasing sound (euphony) - "the sad expansion of agitation"
3. rhyme:
    the purpose of rhyme is to add the pleasure of sound. Rhyme refers to similar or sounds in different . It is often at the of a line.
      "The woods are lovely, dark, and deep;
      But I have promises to keep
      And miles to go before I sleep,
      And miles to go before I sleep." Robert Frost
4. rhythm:
    a regular of stressed and unstressed syllables. Often referred to as .
5. couplet: rhymed lines of poetry:
6. foot: a metrical
7. iambic : the unit of rhythm consisting of unstressed- syllables. (An syllable followed by a stressed syllable) for example: be-yond', a -bove'
8. trochaic: a syllable followed by an syllable: for example: hap' py; door' bell
9. anapestic: two syllables followed by a syllable: un-af-fraid',
10.iambic pentameter: found particulary in . Consists of five of stressed- syllables.

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