My Dog Max

My Dog Max

Verbs, Verbs, Verbs! You can use some verbs more than once. Click on the right verb in each sentence. Good Luck!
   are      can      has      have      is      jump      loves      run      wag   

Here is my dog, Max. max.gif Max cute. He dark brown spots. His ears are dark brown. His paws dark brown. Max likes to his tail. Max cannot talk, but Max bark. Max does not bite. I play with Max. Max plays with me. We fun, fun, fun! Max loves to run. He run fast. I run fast, too. Max and I can fast together. Max loves to jump. He jump high. I can high too. Max and I can high together. Max and I run and everyday. Max loves to play in the snow. I love to play in the snow, too! max.gifmaxkid2.gif
I love Max, and Max me!

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