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My Brother Joe

My Brother Joe

Fill-in the Blanks

Type the correct word in the blank. Need help? Click on the drop-down menu next to the word and select the word. You can click on "Check" to check your answers. Note: you might lose points if you ask for hints or clues, so it's best to try to think of the correct words without looking at the clues!
hambguyorange.jpgMy younger brother, Joe, works at Mickey's Hamburger House. To tell you the , I don't know why in the they hired him.. Don't get me . Joe is a kid. We shoot on the basketball court on the weekends. Sometimes I even let him hang with my friends and me. We have a lot of fun together. But Joe is not the best worker in the ! First of all, Joe is supposed to start work at Mickey's at 10:00 AM on Saturdays. Most of the time, Joe doesn't get up until 10 minutes to 10:00. He on his uniform, into his car, and gets to Mickey's at 10:05. He hasn't combed his hair or even washed his face. I think he just on some cologne or something. Joe's attitude at work is not the best either. Sometimes I go there to get a hamburger, and I see Joe flirting with the girls behind the counter and forgeting about the customers. Believe it or , Joe's supervisor seems to like Joe. Go . So I guess Joe will keep his job after all!

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