Literary Terms - Elements of the Story

Literary Terms - Elements of the Story

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readgirlcollege.gifdialog: spoken by the characters (conversation) Dialog in a written work is most often indicated by marks.
narrator: the who is telling the
protagonist: the main in the story (sometimes called the or heroine of the story)
antagonist: the character in the story who the main character - An antagonist can also be a against the protagonist (such as war or nature or poverty)
theme: the of a literary work - the central idea of a story or poem, etc.
setting: the and place in which a story or play occurs
collegestudy.gifnarrative: the itself
mood: the content of a scene or setting usually described by words expressing feelings: joyful, dark,
tone: the a writer conveys to the reader (in poetry, tone is sometimes called voice) example: The tone of the essay is sarcastic. The tone of the essay is inspirational.
plot: the of action in a story, etc.; the series of related events in a narrative

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