​​Who Uses Computer Game Maker and What Kind of Games Do They Make... ?

  • Reading Specialists, ESL teachers create these types of games:
            Match pictures to vocabulary, sentence structure...
           Speech in one language to speech in 2nd

  • Social Studies Teachers design these types of games:
            Match vocabulary prompts to definition responses: 
            i.e,, filibuster, bicameral, etc.
            Match images of historical figures  to pictures
            Match pictures of inventions to time period

How long will it take me to create my own
computer game?
If you are inputing only written "questions" and "answers" and if you already are certain of the content you wish to present 
(8 questions and responses per game you create), you can create a game in less than a half an hour. 
If you want to inport pictures, the pictures will have to be resized to 80 x 80 pixels in order for them to look great.  
That can involve a few hours, but once you have the game, it will be used over and over, year after year, and you'll enjoy the student response again and again.
Where can I get pictures?
For motivating learning, some of the best lessons are created with pictures of the students.  For example, a teacher of the deaf who is designing a lesson on prepositions might takea digital picture of students, under the table next to the table, behind the table with responses such as "John is under the table."  "Amy is next to the table."  "The table behind John, " etc.
We get many of our pictures from our subscription to clipart.com or purchase credits from a great place, istockphotos.com  Those are our favorite.

Can I change the background of the pictures on the "card" backs? 

Computer Game Maker-Lite allows for a variety of backgrounds for the pictures on the backs.  Presently we offer the windmill design and the runners and will be adding more soon.

  • Speech/Language Pathologists/Special Ed. Teachers
          Auditory Discrimination Games 
            Match picture to cognates:  t/d, p/b, k/
            Match pictures to similar sounds:  s/sh; w/r/
         Syntactical/Symantic Games -
            Match prepositions to pictures: i.e.
                      "The boy is on the table."  

            "The boy is under the table."

  • Elementary Math Teachers design these types of games:
      Number word to Numeric symbol matching, ie
      (One- 1; Twenty - 20)
      Addition, Subtraction, Multi., Division Facts 

  • Earth Science Teachers find these games useful:            Match vocabulary: faults, fissures, folding, etc.
     to appropriate pictures or concepts. 
  •            And on and on... -


Can I sell the games I make?
If you have a game you made and would like us to sell it for you on our website, no problem. We offer a program in which both Language Rocks and you can profit.  Email us for details.  If you can sell your games to another company, we request that you indicate that these were made with Computer Game Maker software.
Can I install this game on our school computers without a site license?

Yes.   After you purchase Comptuer Game Maker, you can make as many games as you wish and install those games on as many computers as you wish.  Since our company's founder is a former teacher of the deaf, we are fully cognizant of the budgetary constraints of individual school districts and allow you to share our software with other teachers within your district. 

How can you offer this software to be shared district wide without expensive site licensing?
We are a small company and there are thousands of school districts.  We've found that once a teacher starts using Computer Game Maker Lite, other teachers are eager to make their own games.  Often, within the school district, it's easier to order several copies rather than make copies or wait until one teacher is finished in order to pass it around. 
In addition, there are thousands of school districts throughout the country and the world.  If we only sell one Computer Game Maker - Lite to those
school districts, our company will be successful.

What about web based games?

Computer Game Maker designs programs for installation on individual or lab computers.  A web based game like the one you play on our website, requires JAVA programming.  However, if you send us a game you made, and we feel it would be beneficial to our visitors, we can import it into our JAVA game on our site with you as the author 
and students would be able to play it for

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