English Conversation-"Free Talking" One-on-One Immersion Tutor (Laguna Hills) 

​Background: I am a former teacher with Language Arts specialty and graduate courses in ESL. My degree is in Deaf Education which involved courses in Linguistics, Phonetics, Applied Phonetics, Teaching Language, Teaching Written Language Skills, Anatomy of Speech and Hearing, Teaching Reading, Teaching ESL Writing, etc.

My Style: The natural method of teaching language is the method I most prefer. It's the method closest to how a parent teaches language to his or her child. The child listens to conversations over and over and voila', those structures are imitated in the child's own speech. We can spend an hour at a coffee shop and TALK! I'll immerse you in English and we'll forget about tests and text books. I'll gently guide your spoken words and English structure through modeling. Example: Student: I plan go store tonight.Teacher: Oh, you're planning to go to the store tonight. Student: Yes, I'm planning to go to the store tonight. We can discuss polite ways to ask collegeuges in the workplace to repeat information, how to respond to questions from bosses, directors, etc., or how to feel more confident in general when conversing in English. You can ask me questions about American culture, colloquial and idiomatic expressions, or you can just practice speaking. If you prefer, I'll just talk and you can actively listen, asking me questions along the way. We'll make it fun. 

Fee: Only $25/hour. Email me if you would like to set up an appointment at a coffee shop near Laguna Hills, Lake Forest, or Costa Mesa. (Since I live in Laguna Hills, I am willing to travel to Panera's in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, South Coast Plaza, or Lake Forest. However, cost per session would be $30/hr. to those locations). If you prefer, we can have a webcam session through paypal and skpe. 

Sessions can be scheduled as an "on need" basis. There is no obligation to sign up for a set number of tutoring hours. 

​Best Wishes!

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