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Randolph Reindeer

Randolph Reindeer

Fill-in the Blanks

Look at the words in the box. Read the story. Click on the right word. (You can use the words more than once.) Click "Check" to see if you're answer is right.
   am      had      have      is      like      made      make      of      snowballs      to   

Hi, my name Randolph. I Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer's brother. I a red nose, too!

I love winter sports. r37.gif I like to snowboard, and I like ski too. randyski4.gif I don't fall! r47.gif

I to build snowmen in winter. Last year, I a snowman all by myself.

Sometimes, I play with my friends in the snow. I like have snowball fights. Last winter my friends made lots of . I held up a white flag to them stop! r48.gifThat's o.k. I lots fun.

I hope it snows soon, and I hope the snow is deep!