At the present time my focus is on promoting the print version of "Lucky..." We started off as an ebook, but promoting a print version is becoming a whole lot of fun for my husband and right-hand man, Mike and me since we're getting to meet the chlldren who actually are reading "Lucky," when we travel to book signings and readings. You might like to view the video of the "grand opening" of our first edition of "Lucky..." below! As a left-handed person, I approach many tasks with my right hand, just because I followed right-handed role models or because it was easier than trying to figure out a left-handed approach.  I wrote "Lucky..." however, with the hope that little left-handers and parents of left-handers will embrace their obvious dominant orientation because that is where many of us are the strongest.  I love the challenges that living in a right handed world brings because it makes left-handers truly adaptable!  And who knows, like Lucky, seeing things from a little different point of view just might be the perfect approach to save whatever day needs saving!
Hi, I'm Billie Kelpin Olmon, the left-handed author of "Lucky, the Left-Pawed Puppy".Here I am with our little shih tzu lhasa apso, Scooter, who looks a lot like the marvelous rendition of Lucky that children's book illustrator, Julie Parker, brought to life! 

I'm a former teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing and have also worked as a Sign Lanugage Interpreter in various settings.. While my company, Language Rocks, formerly Windmill Works, creates educational software games, if you look around our website, you'll see that we create a myriad of other products ("The Perfect Husband" app, "Live from Milwaukee, It's Tuesday Night" audio app, "Presidential Solitaire" deck of cards and online learning games, all that seem to be connected to words and language - a particular fascination and love of mine.

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