The Easy Type Machine

The Easy Type Machine

Subject Verb Agreement

This little story is a practice in verb tense. The first section requires PRESENT TENSE. The second section requires PAST TENSE. (Some words from the list are used more than once.) Some words that are NOT in the list might also be correct! Stuck? Click in a space. Go to "Hint" on the bottom of the page to see the first letter of the verb. Still Stuck? Go to "Hint" and click again for the second letter. You can also click "Check" to see if you're right. Be careful, though; you can lose points if you "check" or ask for a "hint".

Good luck and have fun!
   drop      dropped      finished      flew      fly      hit      jumped      land      landed      pull      pulled      roll      rolled      slide      started      touch   
Meet Professor Berghofer. He invented the EASY-TYPE machine. Professor Berghofer told me how to make EASY- TYPE work!

"First," he said, "Jump on the wood plank. The bowling ball will into the air and will on the chute. The ball will down the chute and into the bucket.
The bucket will and the rope. The rope will the expandable arm. The finger will then the keyboard and type a letter!"

"Let me try," I said. Dr. Bergerhofferman answered, "Sure." So I on the wood plank. The bowling ball into the air and on the chute.
Next, the ball into the bucket. The bucket and the rope. The rope the expandable arm . The finger the keyboard and I typing this story with the letter "M". Now I'm all typing and "Boy," am I tired!!!