Kris Olmon is a graphic designer with a passion for his work and for helping out his family and friends.  Lucky for us!  As our book goes from ebook to print in 2014, we are quite fortunate to have Kris guide us through the process of preparing all of our images to take to the printer. Having experience with layout and print preparation for numerous publications through his professional work as a graphic designer, we find Kris' help and advice invaluable.  When he's not playing in Adult Hockey Leagues or being involved in some AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) activity, Kris is viewing the skyline from his office in downtown Seattle.  When you see "Lucky, the Left-Pawed Puppy" in book form, you'll know how it was helped to get there.  By, the way, Kris is left-handed just like the author Billie Kelpin.   That makes the percentage of the 7 of us involved in Lucky's book about 28% (double the average percentage of left-handers to right-handers)  Yay us!

Brian Julian
"You're twirling the wrong way!"
Kris Olmon

"I can tweak the files to produce the best quality book possible." 
Steve Olmon
"You brought the wrong draft? Really?"
Rolling those Spanish r's can be exhausting.  Here, actor Brian Julian lies quietly listening  for his cue from narrator, Bethany Therese to make the switch from Hector, the Director to become William T. Stagent, the Hollywood agent.  (At least, that's what he told the crew.he was doing with his eyes closed!) 
Brian brings a special comedic quality to the two male characters in Lucky's story and you'll find yourself laughing again and again as you hear him capture the go-getting Hollywood agent, Mr. Stagent. 
Having come to Hollywood from the "Big Sky" state of Montana, Brian has starred in numerous independent films and Hollywood commercials.  He starred in a short film, "Follow Me" as an man angry at his now-deceased father. He was featured in the 2009 GI Award Winning film, "Everyman's War" which is based on the true story of Don Smith's heroic experience at the Battle of the Bulge while with the 94th Infantry.  Brian is available for voice-over work in LA or through the web. Email for information on fees and availability. Please type "Voiceover Project" in subject line.

Thanks to sound engineer, Steve Olmon, Windmill Works Publications was able to save expensive studio production costs.  With Steve's portable equipment and sound-proofing devices, we were able to record all of Lucky "in house" - literally!  After a day of recording, Steve was off to edit the audio.  No thanks to author, Billie Kelpin, the text brought to recording session was different than final version that had been written.  So it was "back to the studio" a week later for a shorter session of recording the places where the divergence of text and voice took place. (Note to all authors:  Be sure to take the correct draft of your book to the recording studio the first time!) The most challenging work for a sound engineer comes afterthe recording.  It is in the editing that he or she has to select the most perfect segments of the recording, adjust the output of pieces recorded at different times to be consistent with each other, eliminate any extraneous noises, add sound effects (such as barking puppies), and just plain polish up the audio and present it to the author in files that are consistent to the importing to the multi-media format that is being used.  Steve was able to deliver the final audio production with lightning-like speed, making the whole process of producing the ebook efficient and smooth.   Steve can be reached at for any of your sound engineering needs.  (He also plays a mean lead rock guitar if you're in the LA area and need a talented new member for your band.)   

Bethany Therese
"Left-pawed?" exclaimed Mrs. Poppyset.  "That explains everything!"


The face behind the voice of Mrs. Poppyset is actor, singer, comedienne,Bethany Therese Pagliolo.  Here Beth uses the pop screen set up by sound engineer, Steve Olmon, to eliminate popping plosives like the p and b sound.  As narrator of the Lucky story, Bethany had to adroitly switch from the voices of the Lovely Leslie and exercise her British accent to create Mrs. Poppyset's voice.  Bethany is comfortable around the mic having traveled rom the East Coast to the West Coast singing and acting in the Broadway Tour of "Mamma Mia."  You can often find her performing in one of the LA comedy clubs on a Saturday night, or putting the final touches on her new, soon-to-be-in production, romantic comedy. (We'll keep you posted).  Bethany actually does live under the "H" of the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, CA and can be reached at for information about voicing for YOUR ebook. Please type "Voicing Project" in subject line. 

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