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Game of Solitaire You'll Ever Play !

Best Picture Solitaire is CHALLENGING 
and FUN!  

​You will probably need  the Order, so look here if you must. 

If you don't HAVE TO, you're an Academy Award GENIUS!

King      A Beautiful Mind

Queen  Chicago

Jack     Lord of Rings

10         Million Dollar Baby

 9          Crash

 8          The Departed 

 7          No Country for Old Men

 6          Slum Dog Millionaire

 5          The Hurt Locker

 4          The King's Speech

 3          The Artist

 2          Argo
Ace      12 Years a Slave

Good Luck, If You've Played this Game, You've 

Probably Increased Your

IQ at least 10 Points!

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Let Clint Eastwood try THIS!  Plays like regular Solitaire, except the order of the Winners is the Order of the Game 

Oscar Solitaire

We're not Oscar Winning

Actors, os if YOU'RE one 

visting our page (or not)

we would accept a donation

to help us keep creating

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