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"Casey at the Bat" 
Click to read this classic baseball poem. 


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A Metaphor for 2022

"When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands, and stick together"

Robert Fulghum

Ages 12 to 112 

Learning Games Elementary Level

"Falling Idols," is a "coming of age" story set in the dynamic '60s. A young teacher of the deaf confronts the doctrine of her world renown professor of Deaf Education as she navigates all the changes of that tumultuous time in history -the Civil Rights Movement, the War in Vietnam, and the struggle for  independance and love every young person seeks.

Lucky, The Leftpawed Puppy

written by Billie Kelpin, a left-handed author to empower little left-handers and all children who, at times, feel "left" out.

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​​​​​​Parents/ Teachers,
Escape for a while back to the the '60s  and the innocent world of student/teacher, Kate Kensington and her quest for indepdence and integrity.

Ages 4 to 12  

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