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2012 Dedication Page Upon Publishing Lucky's Ebook 

From the author, Billie,this book is dedicated: to my daughter, Bethany, who actually does live under the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California, brings me great joy and believes in me as much as William T. Stagent believes in Mrs. Poppyset’s puppies,

to Chance from Sparky for your unwavering love, support, insight, and selfless-ness,

to Kristofer and Stephen who have added, and continue to add, an ever-enriching third dimension to my life,

to my 93 year old Aunt Marion who, like Lucky and his brothers, is ADORABLE!

Special thanks to my delightful young friend, Kennedy, whose sparkle upon reading “Lucky” convinced me to take this project to production.

To those awesome friends who helped with their invaluable insights during the final phases of Lucky’s production:  Joanne Hawkins, Diane Peterson, Ron and Norma Castillo, Patti Hall, Carol and Gale Blunt,
Brian Julian, Jennifer Sacry, her mother Marlene, Bill Dyment, and the real lovely Leslie,
Leslie Carretti - my warm thanks.  
It took a villiage!

Finally, I’d like to express my deep appreciation to the consummately talented artist, Julie Parker, who brought Lucky to life in a way I never thought possible!  

​To My Young Left-Handed Readers,this book is for you along with this little message:

Just like you,I’m left-handed too,
Yet I'm really quite good with my right,
But when I remember to try something left-handed,
My performance is way out of sight!

​and to all my brothers and sisters in "handed-ness" may you always appreciate your remarkable ability for adaptation and accommodation, for thus is the stuff of which peace is made.

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